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Kingsman Barber Club is your Hairdresser and Barber Shop in Barcelona Kingsman Barber Club is at the best location in Barcelona Unbeatable service with the best professionals and a spectacular venue decorated to make your visit perfect.



Your reference Barbershop where you can find the latest trends in cuts and beard maintenance…



Our hairdressing service will cover all your expectations. The cuts and hairstyles of current trends… The cuts and hairstyles of current trends…



Your therapeutic massage center in the heart of Barcelona. Relaxing, Sports and Decontracting Massage… Relaxing, Sports and Decontracting Massage…

Kingsman Barber Club
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Opening at May 2022
Aragon Street, 184 (Barcelona)

Why Kingsman Barber Club?

Sobre Kingsman



In the heart of Barcelona, in the Eixample neighborhood, in a privileged area of the city. Kingsman Barber Club is waiting for you at the most cool area in Barcelona.

Top Service & Top Products

Top Service & Top Products

The best service cannot be given without the best professionals and they cannot offer it without the best product. Kingsman Barber Club is committed to Top Beauty and Aesthetic products, high-quality products for exclusive clients who value their results.

4 in 1 Services

4 in 1 Services

Kingsman offers you a 4 in 1 service Kingsman, your Barber Shop in Barcelona, has a Barbershop, Hairdresser, Beauty Center and Massages



Kingsman Barber Club has several clearly differentiated rooms and environments to guarantee the best possible service. Barber Zone, Hairdressing Zone, Aesthetics Zone and several fully equipped cabins for Massage area.

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We invite you to let yourself be seduced by the charm of our Barber Shop Barcelona. An exclusive space for those who seek to show off a modern and innovative masculine aesthetic that provides them with a well-groomed image of their beard and mustache, their hair, and also their skin.

As is well known, the first impression that others have of us is the most important, since it is the one that remains indelible in their minds and hearts. This and no other is the reason why carefully maintaining our beard, mustache and hair is essential when it comes to relating to others.

Today’s men like to offer a careful image of ourselves, to look good in the mirror. For this reason, we resort more and more frequently to sites dedicated to specialized beauty treatments. But it is not only vanity that leads us to a barbershop in Barcelona, but it is the same daily stress that forces us to stop and disconnect from the world to recharge ourselves with energy.

Do you dare to get away from the madding crowd to try our top quality Barber Shop and, at the same time, live a unique aesthetic experience?

A Barber Shop in Barcelona is much more than a place to find the latest trends in haircuts and beard maintenance. It is a sophisticated 4-in-1 space, where you can enjoy four essential services for every man who wants to feel himself and, at the same time, look elegant and in the latest fashion. These four services are: barbershop, hairdresser, male beauty center and therapeutic massages.

And it happens that at Kingsman Barber Club our main source of inspiration is you. Our dearest wish is to help you find your true identity and take care of the image you offer to others through your hair, beard, mustache and skin. Of course, maintaining a personal and close relationship with the barber at all times as happened in the men’s hairdressers in Barcelona of the last century.

Come visit us and see how a visit to our facilities will transform the classic care of your masculine aesthetics into an incredible feast for the senses. A party where you will always be the center of attention.

With the aim of offering you the best possible service, at Kingsman Barber Club Barcelona we have comfortable, well-differentiated rooms: barbershop area, male hairdressing area, male aesthetic area and several fully equipped cabins for therapeutic massages.

Likewise, we guarantee that you will put yourself in the hands of authentic professionals, whose incredible human warmth and aesthetic sense will leave you so satisfied that you will want to repeat with us again and again.

And what is just as important, we offer you the latest trends in haircuts and maintenance of beards and mustaches. In addition, if you wish, you will receive from the hands of our professionals a series of relaxing, decontracting and sports massages, among others, whose immediate effects will make you feel like a new man.

And as if all of the above were not enough, we also offer you beauty and aesthetic products of the highest quality, the results of which you can see for yourself from the first minute.

You are the most important thing to us and nothing interests us more than obtaining your total satisfaction.

Are you wondering what makes us different from other Barber Shops in Barcelona and why we would love to be your first choice?

The answer is simple: because we are passionate about high-level men’s styling. And it is this same passion that has led us to create a space in which to recover that nostalgic atmosphere of the old barbershops in the Eixample, adapting them to the latest technologies and without ever losing the complicity and personal and close treatment between barber and client.

You tell us what you want and we will do the magic!

At Kingsman Barber Club you will always find what you are looking for. Once you leave our facilities you will look and feel completely renewed.

Do you want a traditional haircut to keep a low profile or perhaps you prefer a super current style that allows you to stand out from the rest and leave no one indifferent?

Whether you need to present yourself in a job interview or if what you want is a beard and haircut that will make you the absolute protagonist of a night party, at Kingsman Barber Club Barcelona we are waiting for you to fully meet your highest expectations.

Whatever you have in mind, at our male aesthetic center for hair treatment and relaxing massages we have an exceptional service to help you strengthen your identity through high-level styling.

And if you still need an additional reason to choose us, we can assure you that maintaining the cleanliness of every corner of our room and that of each and every one of our instruments is our main concern. It is not something optional or circumstantial, hygiene is for us a sine qua non requirement with which we work every day.

You will find us in the heart of Barcelona, in the Eixample, one of the most emblematic and privileged neighborhoods of the city.

You will be able to identify us quickly, as we will be waiting for you in our spectacular premises, luxuriously decorated and full of the glamor of an old barbershop from the beginning of the 20th century to provide you with the most careful and warm attention.

We would love to become your favorite barber in Barcelona. Are you coming to visit us and give us the chance to surprise you with our top-level men’s hairdressing services?

Ask us now for your appointment!